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Welcome to Grand Hotel Boutique


Grand Hotel Boutique is a business friendly environment, where the biggest and most interesting business meetings in the city take place.

It has been appreciated for the peaceful and discreet atmosphere on many occasions, which provides corporate clients with the possibility to implement their needs to the maximum extent.

The Hotel gladly cooperates in the business segment, understanding and adjusting to the principles prevailing in it.


The Grand Hotel Boutique architects and interior decorators’ main concept  was the motto: “Your Place is Here”.

The interiors of the Grand Hotel Rzeszow are all about the modern solutions in a traditional and classic form.  You will find a combination carpets and accessories in worm and light colors, contrasting with the elegant and stylish leather and wood.

Every room is equipped in a most comfortable manner in order to guarantee a peaceful and good rest.


The philosophy of the hotel’s taste is adapted to the multinational culture of our guests, ensuring that the taste sensations are accommodated to their particular liking.

We treat the quality of service equally with the taste.  The employees of the restaurant make sure, that all culinary needs of our guests are met, helping at the same time with selecting the entries and the desserts.

Grand Hotel Boutique Patio Restaurant employs the best kitchen chefs, who prepare dished with the utmost attention to detail.  Our menu is filled with dishes that are unique and rare in the whole region, which besides the unique taste features are also surprising by their form and the method of preparation.

Spa/ Wellness

Spa/ Wellness

Our Wellness Studio is a complement to our rich Grand Hotel Boutique offer. Here, our Guests will be able to forget about their everyday worries, as well as go on a beautiful soothing and relaxing journey.


For the business and training seminars purposes we have prepared a modern conference center with the necessary audio-visual equipment, where conferences, training, receptions, banquets, cocktail parties or meetings with clients can be organized.


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French cuisine evenings

French cuisine evenings

Grand Hotel Boutique invites You for

French cuisine evenings!

22.09., 27.10., 24.11., 19:00

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