Hotel with Restaurant Rzeszów

Patio Restaurant – a pleasant, intimate and romantic – those are just a few words, which are used by our Guests to describe it, after visiting it.  We offer wonderful Mediterranean cuisine, and the Kitchen Chef prepares a special offer every month, for which our servers select  splendid wine.

The Patio comprises a lobby and two entresols.  One of them is the Vinoteka, which holds a wide selection of red and white wine, which you will not be able to find in the offers of any other restaurants.  The other entresol is held in a venetian style and has a view of the remaining part of the restaurant.

The final part of the Restaurant is the Amber Bar, for the devotees of stronger beverages, which offers a wide selection of alcohol, reasonably priced, and the bartenders who can prepare fantastic cocktails.

The Restaurant looks like a little amphitheater  during weddings and other banquets, and the lobby changes into a dance floor, around which the guest tables are placed.


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