Flavour of the month

Cold soup for hunger!!

Even though the days are hot, you don't have to give up on soups!

Cool off with chilled soup versions of four flavour:

- Tomato and raspberry cold soup

- Cold beet soup with quail egg

- Melon and watermelon cold soup

- Cucumber and radish cold soup

Each cold soup: 12 PLN


Smaki miesiąca


Summer refreshment!

In Stary Piernik Cafe we offer 6 refreshing non-alcoholic drinks for summer

4 lemonades: watermelon, peach with orange, hibiscus, lemongrass

Price: 8 PLN

2 non-alcoholic drinks with Cedrata: black lilac and ginger with rosemary

Price: 10 PLN

Really COOL!

Stary Piernik

Holiday offer | Iced Frappe

In summer holiday it can not be boring!

We offer you iced Frappe in SIX flavours:

- banana

- coconut

- watermelon

- with vanilla ice cream

- pear

- peach

Each one: 12 PLN

Stary Piernik

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