Flavour of the month

The Centenary of Independent Poland

- Smoked Trout Tartare /pickled vegetables, balsamic caviar, dill mayonnaise, toast/- 19 PLN

- Goose Filet /potato and pumpkin dumplings, parsnip puree, apple sauce, pear in wine, blue cabbage/- 49 PLN

- Deconstruction of the Poppy Seed Cake /short pastry, poppy seed, marmalade, butterscotch, raisins, raspberry coulis/- 19 PLN

Smaki miesiąca


Pumpkin November

- Medium Pumpkin Latte 260 ml - 11 PLN

- Double Pumpkin Latte 450 ml - 13 PLN

- Pumpkin Tiramisu - 12 PLN

- Pumpkin Brownie - 8 PLN

Stary Piernik

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