Spa Hotel in Rzeszów

SPA and Wellness

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is an ideal addition to the Grand Hotel Boutique offer, ensuring relaxation even after an exhausting trip or a most stressful business meeting.

There are reclining chairs and an additional sauna in the swimming pool vicinity.


According to decree, issued by the Minister of Health, about water area safety and swimming pools water requirements, Grand Hotel Rzeszow LTD, declares, that it meets all the requirements of the foregoing decree.



SPA and Wellness


Our Wellness Studio is a complement to our rich Grand Hotel Boutique offer.  Here, our Guests will be able to forget about their everyday worries, as well as go on a beautiful soothing and relaxing journey. Jacuzzi will help you relax your tired body and mind.  It will help you relax entirely.



SPA and Wellness


For those Guests who like to be active, we provide a set of fitness equipment, which will help you keep a fit body.  Those are bikes, a treadmill and a simplified weight lifting equipment.

The equipment is located next to the Wellness Studio.

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